The Roar Above

Veda Shastri & Mercedes Barba

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Jackson Heights in Queens is directly under the flight path of LaGuardia airport. The noise pollution from overhead planes has caused disturbances for the local community.

Adverse Health Effects from Noise Pollution

by Veda Shastri

We all think we know about pollution. Say the word, and it conjures up images of billowy smoke coming from factories, cars, and buses. Air pollution and its insidious effects have gained much attention, research and awareness the past few years. But there is another aspect of pollution that has become so pervasive in urban areas that it is easy for many to forgot that it too, is a problem: noise pollution. The pervasiveness of sound disturbances is not merely annoying; it has adverse health effects that put the nearby communities at risk.


Airplane Pollution in Jackson Heights

by Mercedes Barba

In a city obsessed with real estate, 82-year-old Diana DelGrosso lives in an only-in-New York gem. Her 2 bedroom apartment on the 35th block of 80th street with original hard wood floors and art deco details sits in the protected historic district of Jackson Heights. Her apartment reflects the 50 years she has lived in Queens. Antique furniture fill her rooms, while vintage photographs of her father are gracefully organized on the walls. Nothing in her apartment is out of place. In fact, it’s spotless…inside. Outside is another matter.