Siblings reconnect despite odds



What happens to brothers and sisters when a prospective foster family wants only one child? Oftentimes, in this way and others, the kids in the foster care system separate from their siblings. Separation can even happen at such a young age that the children have no living memory of their family. Nonetheless, reconnecting remains an improbable, yet still possible outcome.

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For twelve years, 21-year-old Brady Bennett waited for a birthday. It arrived on September 24, 2009, when his sister Natasha turned 18.

Yet Brady did not celebrate with his little sister; he has not seen her for over a decade, when they were put into foster care as young children and separated from each other shortly after.

After repeatedly being told by foster care and adoption agencies that it would be impossible to locate his sister while she was a minor, Brady postponed his search, and hopes that Natasha will be easier to locate now that she is a legal adult. Read More