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Teen pregnancy a trial in foster care

Teen pregnancy a trial in foster care

PRODUCED BY SARAH SPRINGER TEEN PREGNANCY A TRIAL IN FOSTER CARE Life has been lonely for Shaniqua since April when her 1-year-old daughter was placed in foster care by the New York Administration for Children Services. Since then, she has spent every night without the one person she loves the most. However, family separation is […]

Castigating Child Care

PRODUCED BY KONSTANTIN SYOMIN CASTIGATING CHILD CARE The Russian government’s recent effort to reshape its child protection system raises public concerns that the new laws and the imported juvenile justice and child care framework may be specifically used to target the families of the poor, and become an extremely efficient tool to suppress the growing […]

Corporal punishment misunderstood

PRODUCED BY DONGNAN CHEN CORPORAL PUNISHMENT MISUNDERSTOOD IN IMMIGRANT FAMILIES New York – Standing still on 136th street, flushing, Luis Torres set his eyes on a three-storied white house. There his wife, Matilde Hureta, just brought their children back from school and was cooking dinner for the family. However, Mr. Torres could do nothing but […]