About NYU News and Documentary


  • nyunewsdoc.com
  • NYU News & Doc is a video journalism website created by the students at New York University’s News & Documentary graduate program, part of the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

  • NYU News & Documentary
  • The News and Documentary concentration at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute of New York University prepares graduate students to report and produce short form and long form journalism for traditional and non-traditional media. From the first class, students are on the streets reporting, shooting and editing. We emphasize not only the story, but the storytelling. Our goal is to have a student skilled in both form and content, able tell a story by effectively using all aspects of the medium.

    The Reporting I class begins with the basics of short form stories in a variety of formats and genres. After a progression of reporting classes, the curriculum culminates with each student producing a thirty-minute documentary. Our News Magazine editing class coincides with the Advanced Reporting class to give extra support to the production of the documentary.

  • Master Classes
  • Not only do students work with full time faculty, but we now have a series of Master Classes that bring in the best independent documentary filmmakers in New York City. This year’s series began with cinematographer Kirsten Johnson. Other Master Classes scheduled for this year will feature Alan Berliner, veteran cinema verite producer, Susan Froemke and a sound recording class. We also host filmmaker screenings throughout the year so students can see current work and interact with filmmakers to learn more about the process and different styles.

    Our students are in demand for internships at all the major broadcast news organizations and websites in New York as well as at smaller documentary production companies.