Cynthia Medina

Cynthia MedinaCynthia Medina
Cynthia Medina was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, then moved to Florida as a teen. She attended the University of Central Florida and received an English degree. She spent two years as Associate Producer for the morning news at an NBC and CW affiliate in Orlando, FL. She most recently worked at WGN-TV in Chicago where she worked on the national midday show. She also worked as an editor for numerous publications such as The Florida Review and The Cypress Dome. She loves all facets of broadcast journalism, but after all her years working behind the camera, she’s ready to tackle a career in front of the camera. Her goal is to become an on-air reporter, and have the skills necessary to do in-depth investigative pieces. She’s always been in love with New York. She’s also a ’70s fanatic and still collects vinyl records.

Cynthia’s NYU Foster Care Work
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