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Budget Cuts Drive Homeless People Back To Shelter

  Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. This year in New York thousands of people flocked to crowded stores like Macy’s and Toys ‘R’ Us. Most of them will spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars during these big holiday sales. For those like Christina Serrano this time of year is […]

Rising Food Cost Challenging New York City

For Monique James, a mother of five from New York’s congressional district 16th in the Bronx, feeding her family has never been an easy task. This year, it is even harder when she finds herself constantly short of money. “The cost of living is just harmful for poor people like myself, and I’d have to […]

The Cost of Hunger in New York City

Tina Williams, 35, mother of two boys aged 11 and 1, studies medical billing and coding at ASA College in New York City. For the second time this winter, Williams waited in line for hours to receive two quarts of free milk from the Milk From the Heart truck on the corner of Evelyn Place […]