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Thuy Tran

  Thuy Tran is from Hanoi, Vietnam. Prior to attending the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, she worked for Vietnam Television as a reporter and news-anchor.

Charlena Tillett

Charlena Tillett is from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, and received a bachelor’s in English and government from Georgetown University. The rich diversity and political culture in Washington inspired her to listen to people’s narratives and discussions at a young age. After studying abroad in Mwanza, Tanzania and helping the journalism class at an all-girls […]

Dion Tan

Dion Tan started out as a Talent Agent and Casting Director in Singapore. During his five years in the South East Asian media industry, he worked with numerous television networks and film production companies around Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. His passion for cinema led him to direct his own films. To improve on his […]

Wenwen Ren

Wenwen Ren is from China. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric and Communication from the State University of New York at Albany with a Magna Cum Laude in Dec.2010. She is currently a graduate student in Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University. Before furthering her education at NYU, She worked […]

Maria Gabriella Clara Pezzo

  Maria Gabriella Clara Pezzo was born and raised in Milan, Italy. She attended Cambridge University and graduated with a BA in History of Art in 2009. She is currently completing her MA in News and Documentaries at New York University.

Zijian Mu

Zijian Mu is 23 years old, from Sichuan, China. He received his B.A. in Economics from Sichuan University, China. He went to SUNY Farmingdale as an exchange student in the SUNY China 150 program during the sophomore year. He did his internship covering issue in education at Hunan TV, the second largest TV station in […]

Nicole Lowman

Nicole Lowman graduated Magna Cum Laude from Seattle University with a Bachelor of Arts in English. While in Seattle, she edited a creative writing and art magazine called “Letter X,” published poetry and short fiction, and hosted and participated in open mics around the city. She is currently a graduate student at NYU’s Arthur L. […]

Kristen Kiraly

  Kristen Kiraly is a graduate journalism student at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University. She is specializing in news and documentary journalism and hopes to break into the news broadcast industry upon her graduation in December 2012. Kiraly earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Educational Studies from […]

Sarah Hartman

  Sarah Hartman is a graduate student of Journalism at New York University, and has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Rollins College with a concentration in opera performance. She hopes to covers the arts, and continue performing.

William Gallego

  William Gallego graduated from Queens College in June with a major in media studies and a minor in journalism. Currently studying at NYU, William is interested in raising awareness over the many difficulties Hispanics face every day in New York City. He hopes to do so through film and video journalism.