Living the Line

Dion Tan

dionDion Tan started out as a Talent Agent and Casting Director in Singapore. During his five years in the South East Asian media industry, he worked with numerous television networks and film production companies around Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. His passion for cinema led him to direct his own films.

To improve on his directing skills, Tan moved to New York City in 2007. He mastered acting techniques at the oldest and most prestigious theatre conservatory in the United States, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He continued to earn his bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts at The New School, majoring in Film Studies and Journalism. Based on his observations of human relationships in New York City, he wrote and directed a trilogy of narrative short films about love in the modern city.

Tan’s interest in filmmaking and sociology inspired him to venture into documentaries. In 2010, he started production on The Forgotten Child Project, a global multi-part documentary series about Down Syndrome individuals.