Greening the Concrete Jungle

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The climate is changing in New York. The last two decades have brought weather events worse than many can remember, and patience is wearing thin as fossil fuel profits are put ahead of the well-being of ordinary New Yorkers. Billions of dollars have been spent on remediation and repair. But floodwater, pollution, and extreme heat continue to batter the city, with the forecast only expected to get worse in the coming years.

The stories presented here, by the NYU News and Documentary Class of 2025, represent some of the ways New Yorkers and those further afield have been, and will continue to be, impacted by a volatile climate.  

These stories represent how everyday people are at the heart of many of the solutions being put forward. Communities around the city are battling for their own climate justice. 

The concrete jungle has never been greener. But this is just the beginning.